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RPS @ AR et al. Number 4 w/ Abacus Row, Studio Mondine & Kaarem

Kaarem’s Glass Overlap Side Slit Organza Silk Dress

Kaarem’s Glass Overlap Side Slit Organza Silk Dress

We’re doing a food pop-up with some of our favorite creatives: Abacus Row, Studio Mondine and Kaarem, which all happen to be Vietnamese-American. Dream team!

On the menu:

Beef Pho Rolls - $8

Mushroom Pho Rolls - $8

Vietnamese Iced Coffee - $5

Housemade Cookies - $3

Photo by Melissa Habegger for Abacus Row

Photo by Melissa Habegger for Abacus Row

Abacus Row has been hosting et al., a series of collaborative pop-ups with independent artists, designers and small business owners. This fourth edition features Kaarem, a women’s clothing brand based in New York and Vietnam and with strong ties to California, and Studio Mondine, a floral design studio in San Francisco (who also did an installation at AR et al. number one, pictured below.)

We’ve oogled over Kaarem’s designs for years. We love how her minimal clothing line ties in Vietnamese culture: their clothing references the tailoring of an áo dài, the Vietnamese traditional dress and they manufacture their clothes in Vietnam. They’ve even gone as far as making Vietnamese-inspired printed fabric (see the red algae/Vietnamese dessert inspired one here). Love love love.

Studio Mondine’s installation for the first AR et al.

Studio Mondine’s installation for the first AR et al.

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West Coast Craft
to Jun 9

West Coast Craft

Photo by  Andria Lo

Photo by Andria Lo

We're bringing snacks and grab and go meals at the Summer edition of West Coast Craft. 

When: Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9 / 10am to 6pm

Where: Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion


Mushroom Pho Rolls

Beef Pho Rolls

Yellow Chicken Curry

Yellow Vegetable Curry

Chicken Meatball (Xiu Mai) Banh Mi

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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Lunar New Year Brunch
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Lunar New Year Brunch

Come ring in the Year of the Monkey at our Lunar New Year Brunch!
Photo by Andria Lo


Pork Dumplings - $7
boiled ginger and pork dumplings

Banh Bot Loc Chay - Tapioca Dumplings - $7
tapioca dumplings mung beans and fried shallots. vegan.

Banh Tết - Sticky Rice Cake - $7
traditional Lunar New Year sticky rice & pork cake

Ham Sui Gok (Fried Mochi Dumplings) - $7
fried mochi dumplings filled with pork and shiitake mushrooms


Phở Gà - Chicken Pho - $13
fresh pho noodles in ginger chicken broth with chicken, shaved onions, cilantro, scallions and jalapenos

Phở French Dip - $13
pressed hanger steak sandwich with Thai basil and bean sprouts, served with a side of beef pho

Scrambled Eggs on Toast - $10
with nuoc cham and Vietnamese herbs

Vegetarian Rice Porridge with Curry - $11
thick rice soup with soft egg, fried tofu, roasted broccoli, carrots, dill, scallions and cilantro and a drizzle of yellow Madras curry. can be made vegan.

add poached chicken + $3


Taro Swirl Moon Cakes - $6

Banh Bia (Vietnamese Mooncakes) - $6
Vietnamese mooncake with flaky crust filled with mung beans and a salted egg

menu is subject to change

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New Year's Day Brunch 2016

One of our favorite traditions is serving brunch on New Year's Day - something we've done ever since we started!

This year we’re doing it at The PizzaHacker, our homie Jeff’s pizza shop in Bernal/Outer Mission. He’ll be slinging mimosas and beer, we got you on the food and Vietnamese coffee front.

See you there!

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SF Street Food Festival
to Aug 16

SF Street Food Festival

This is our fourth year in a row at the SF Street Food Festival, which is the city's biggest, funnest and most iconic food festival. They've teamed up with the fine folks at Noise Pop to create a bigger festival complete with more music and food at the beautiful Pier 70 in the Dogpatch.

Where: Pier 70 / 420 22nd Street, San Francisco CA 

When: Saturday, August 15 + Sunday, August 16 / 11am-6pm both days

Cash only, ATMs on-site


Fried Daikon Cake - $3

Beef Pho Rolls - $8

Mushroom Pho Rolls - $8

Vietnamese Iced Coffee - $3

View the full line-up and purchase Passport tickets here.

We strongly encourage you to get the Passport tickets, which are dollars you can use to redeem food at the event. Percentage of these sales benefit La Cocina, the food business nonprofit that organizes the event.

To get there: We recommend taking public transportation, biking (bike parking at Illinois and 22nd) or taking one of the free shuttles from Civic Center, Folsom & 24th Street and the Ferry Building - RSVP for the shuttles here.

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