for your ragers, soirees, get-togethers or more simply, the partay

$250 order minimum / NO MAXIMUM

appetizers - $5 / person

great for parties. so easy to eat, you can shake it and grub down at the same time.

Banh Mi Time - $5 / person

who doesn't like banh mi? no one, that's who. one mini banh mi per person. got extra hungry peeps? better double up!



available for on-site gigs only.

Minimum $250 for delivery

Prices do not include sales tax, gratuity or delivery fees

Email us for a quote on drop-off or on-site service


We accept cash, check and credit card

For large on-site orders, we ask for a 50% deposit

How to Order

1) Fill out the form below to get a quote.

2) We will get back to you within 24 hours with a final quote that includes sales tax, gratuity and delivery. Delivery is $15 within San Francisco.

3) Please give us three business days advance notice, but can accommodate last minute orders - just ask!

4) Questions? Email

Order Form

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Please let us know of any allergies and dietary restrictions. We will try our best to accomodate them.
Plates, Napkins and Utensils
Don't have it? We do! Fee of $.30-$.75 per person, depending on your needs.
Fill in any information about parking, load-in, set-up and alternate contact.